The Society of Mathematics is an idea which took birth among the math lovers of the University. With every passing day, in our academics, we realized that many students from the Engineering and Science backgrounds of the university failed to identify and appreciate the beauty and obvious applications of Mathematics. We saw that this was not just problem with engineering or science, with the passage of time and introduction of Internet, nobody is ready to venture this beautiful world.

Thus, the blog page focuses to venture all the possibilities, calculations, theories and formulas in the most simplest way to all of you. Curating the best content, read the blogs written by the team to rekindle the love for mathematics.

What great mathematicians say

If at first you don’t succeed try TWO MORE TIMES so that your failure is statistically significant

If the facts don’t fit the theory,change the facts with maths

Albert Einstein

Mathematics reveal its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love,for its own beauty


Let’s build something together.