Events 2020-2021

Are you the type of person who was always regretting why are we learning all this Math? What’s the use of it in real life?? Well, you have come to the right place, SOM (Society of Mathematics) We are a club of PDEU which conducts various events, activities, and workshops where we show you How you can apply your Mathematical Knowledge in various aspects of your life.

Creative Quarters (August 2020)

Graphic Designing is one the most creative field out there. Can’t imagine how such a creative field is interconnected with Mathematics. Well we are here to expand your imagination to a whole another level. We organized an event to show you how you can apply your mathematical skills in the field of Graphic Designing.

Peer Learning Course Introductory Session (September 2020)

“Machine Learning and Data Science is the key to the future advancement.” As we all know Math is at the base of all things. We conducted a workshop on how Mathematics will be able to help you in easily understanding the Machine Learning and Data Science.

    Tell a Tale (September 2020)

    If you were ever given a chance to remove one subject from your syllabus. Was your answer Math… Well, we conducted an event just for that where you can show your hatred towards Math (PS: You can also show your love towards Math) with your creative writing skills.

    Introductory Session 1.0 (October 2020)

    Welcoming the juniors who are becoming part of the college this year. Told them about the work that we do and also shared about what we are planning to do in the near future.

    Boost Session 3.0 Reducto (October 2020)

    Ever wondered about Numerical analysis? Before attending our session you wondered about that than this event was definitely for you. In this event we discussed about the importance of numerical analysis and its applications in the field of finance and computer science.(PS: If you had not wondered about numerical analysis than you definitely missed an opportunity because after that session you would not have been able to stop wondering about it)

    Introductory Session 2.0 (November 2020)

    Had a Wonderful Interactive Session with the students becoming a part of the club this year. A brief overview of the events that we conducted in recent times. Shared some insights about the college and also shared some secrets about the club.

    Cypher|| Competitive Coding Workshop (January 2021)

    Ever wondered when all the Math knowledge that you learned in high school would help you in programming. Well, we did an event exactly for that where we taught how u can apply Math effectively in competitive programming.

    Mathematical Tambola (January 2021)

    While playing Tambola ever felt that if the game would have been slightly based on skills you could have aced it. Well, your prayers have been answered we organized Tambola with a twist of mathematics in it. In this, you had to use your mathematical skills to deduce the numbers. Luck + Intellect that’s what makes a true winner

    Treasure-e-Math (January 2020)

    Dreamt about finding a treasure on an abandoned island but were woken up before you can complete your dream. Well we organized an event to complete your unfinished dream of finding the treasure. We had to use our Mathematical Knowledge to crack the clues and find the treasure. Its not for the weakminded this treasure hunt really challenged the brains in every way possible.

    National Mathematical

    Modeling Symposium

    (February 2021)

    It was a National level seminar that introduced students to various open research areas in the application domains of Mathematical Modeling such as AI/ML, Civil Engineering, Financial Modeling, Biological Science, etc and have various open areas that need mathematics enthusiasts to model solutions for their problem statement. A competition was also organized at the end of the Symposium to test their understanding of the topic. The students were given the task of creating a mathematical model on current relevant real-life problems. Mathematics is the base for each solution to every problem in the world. Through this event, they learnt how to approach towards any problem along with developing the way of thinking to navigate around each problem.

    Vedic Mathematics


    Have u ever wondered how some people can do calculations faster than a calculator?
    Vedic Mathematics is the key which helps us in doing our calculations faster than anyone else.
    Vedic Mathematics is an excellent tool for developing an interest in numbers and making calculations fun.
    To give students an idea and to create their interest in the world of Vedic Mathematics we arranged an
    Introductory session for them regarding the same. They were taught various techniques to solve specific problems in a fast and easy way. Also at the end, they were given the task of solving the ‘Kakuro puzzle’ which they had to do with the help of the knowledge which they gained during the session.

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